Whoops with a sharp knife

Separating frozen pizza bases with a sharp knife is never a good idea.

I sliced through my thumb and after 20 mins of pressure the bleeding wasn’t slowing down. So I went to the doctors and they fixed me up with some nifty skin glue and few steristrips. Not before pulling the cut wide open and inspecting the damage to assess whether I needed anything more than the glue. Dr said that sometimes when the cut is very deep and involves the muscle, then they need to put in a few traditional sutures. Thankfully I only had a “moderate deep cut”. Nevertheless I asked for a local anesthetic before the DR pulled it apart. I assumed he was going to put it in the base of my thumb but NO! He stabbed me in the middle of the cut on the thumb – OMG that was unpleasant. He also told me to hold very still. Hmmm. That was a hard ask but still I stayed.

This is how it looks over time.

Day 1

2016-06-16 18.02.34 2016-06-16 18.35.21

Day 3


Day 5


Day 7


Day 10

2016-06-26 15.21.00

4 weeks later




Windy Day

We occasionally get super strong winds. Each time we do we lose a tree or two. This time we lost a tree AND the roof of the chicken coop!

2016-07-08 13.24.11

I was super surprised because it had 4 bricks on top! You can see them laying on the ground amongst the shrubs. Below you can see the hinges have clean sheared off and splintered the wood.

2016-07-08 13.24.29

Now it has 9 bricks on top! That ought to hold it if another gust comes along. Well, at least I hope so!

2016-07-08 13.39.33

Luckily the other coop retained it’s roof. Almost certainly due to the fact the wind was blowing in a different direction to the way the lid lifts open.


New Shelter

The chickens have a new shelter to keep dry when they eat. Grandad picked up some free pallets from the local brewery and some tin for the roof from the recyclers and whipped this up in an afternoon.

2016-06-01 15.47.05

The chooks (and the pukekos) didn’t take long to realise where the food had been relocated to!

2016-06-01 15.50.32

Things I have found in the washing machine

As any parent would know, anything can and does end up in the washing machine. Typically expected items that don’t belong are tissues (the bain of my life), money (not nearly often enough I tell you!) and sweet wrappers (at least these don’t break into a millions tiny fluffy pieces and cling on for dear life).

However, I have been blessed (?) with a few rarer items.

2016-04-12 10.25.48

A jandal/flip flop – this is my husbands and I can only guess it was put in by the toddler being ‘helpful’. This was found at the bottom of a full load so is now extra specially clean!

2016-05-14 14.38.35

Goggles – I assume these were wrapped up in a towel after swimming lessons.

2016-05-14 14.38.04

A fork. I have no idea how that ended up in the wash. Perhaps it was tangled up in the toddler’s bib after dinner one night?


The cat – this is actually the tumble dryer but unexpected none the less.

A long time ago I found a disposable nappy in the wash and about a million tiny little gel balls which was a mission to clean out. I have to admit to being the dingbat that put it in (completely unintentionally). Thankfully I have never done it since.

What have you found in your washing machine / tumble dryer?

Toffee leaves home

Toffee the rooster has left home for a new life with the harem of chickens up the road.

Whilst I liked Toffee, I like my husband more and hubby said the rooster had to go!

2016-05-10 08.21.17

Here he is waiting to be picked up. I plan on visiting him next time I go for a walk up that way. I expect he will be happy as he will be the only Roo and will have around 20 ish hens to woo.

Toffee is a Cockerel

Breaking news, our gender mystery chicken is a cockerel. Toffee crowed for the first time Tuesday morning. Hubby said to find it a new home – NOW.

So Isaac, Levi and I went for a walk up the road to see if the place that sells eggs were keen to adopt our budding rooster.

The house-sitter said they were away so I left a note. This morning I let Toffee out of the coop and he waited a while but dutifully crowed once he’d gotten his bearings.

Quite a low-pitched, short, polite crow at a perfectly acceptable hour. 8am!

Let’s hope he continues to stay silent till let out of the coop each morning.